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Journal of Ethnographic Theory

Editorial Board

Catherine Allerton (LSE)
Debbora Battaglia (Mount Holyoke
Amita Baviskar (Delhi University
Niko Besnier (Amsterdam)
Chen Bo (Sichuan University)
Matei Candea (Durham)
Alberto Corsin-Jimenez (CSIC, Spain)
Inge Daniels (Oxford)
Gregory Delaplace (Cambridge)
Philippe Descola (Collège de France)
Bum-Ochir Dulam (Ulan Bator)
Gary Dunham (American SpeechLanguage-Hearing Association)
Jeanette Edwards (Manchester)
Carlos Fausto (Museu Nacional, Rio de
Jeanne Favret-Saada (EPHE)
Maurice Godelier (EHESS)
Sarah Green (Manchester)
Chris Gregory (Nanterre)
Stephen Gudeman (Minnesota)
Caterina Guenzi (EHESS)
Keith Hart (Goldsmiths College London)
Stefan Helmreich (MIT)
Chris Kelty (UCLA)
Holly High (Sydney)
Eric Hirsch (Brunel)
Martin Holbraad (UCL)
Signe Howell (Oslo)
Shun-Ming Huang (Academia Sinica,
Caroline Humphrey (Cambridge)
Deborah James (LSE)
Casper Bruun Jensen (Copenhagen)
Bruce Kapferer (Bergen)
Bruno Latour (Sciences Po, Paris)
James Leach (Aberdeen)
Nancy Levine (UCLA)
Alan Macfarlane (Cambridge)
Magnus Marsden (SOAS)
Annemarie Mol (Amsterdam)
George Mentore (Virginia)
Daniel Miller (University College
Jadran Mimica (Sydney)
Annemarie Mol (Amsterdam
Howard Morphy (ANU)
Katsuo Nawa (Tokyo)
Morten Nielsen (Aarhus University)
Morten Pedersen (Copenhagen)
Anastasia Piliavsky (Cambridge)
Charles Piot (Duke)
Michael Ralph (NYU)
Adam Reed (St Andrews)
Knut Rio (Bergen)
Joel Robbins (UCSD)
Hanan Sabea (American University in
Marshall Sahlins (Chicago)
Gregory Schrempp (Indiana)
Michael Scott (LSE)
Andrew Shryock (Michigan)
Rupert Stasch (UCSD)
Marilyn Strathern (Cambridge)
Paul Tapsell (University of Otago)
Nicholas Thomas (Museum of
Archaeology and Anthropology,
Mark Turin (Cambridge/Yale)
Edith Turner (Virginia)
Aparecida Vilaça (Museu Nacional, Rio
de Janeiro)
Soumhya Venkatesan (Manchester)
Eduardo Viveiros de Castro
(Museu Nacional, Rio de Janeiro)
Roy Wagner (Virginia)
Wang Mingming (Peking University)
Mike Wesch (Kansas State)
Nul Yalman (Harvard)
Yan Yunxiang (UCLA)

Editorial Team

Editors-in-Chief Giovanni da Col (Cambridge)
Justin Shaffner (University of Mary Washington)
Managing Editor Stéphane Gros (CNRS)
Associate Editor Rachel Douglas-Jones (Durham)
Editor-At-Large David Graeber (Goldsmiths College, London)
Editorial Assistants Harriet Boulding (SOAS) Mylene Hengen (EHESS)
Philip Swift.


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Anthropologists should be not be islands but kula nodes, hence it would be foolish to think this volume or even the foreword could rise and stand without other legs, gifts and hosts. Our gratitude goes to all the other heroes of HAU's Editorial team and the external copyeditors who made the realization of this 500 page volume possible: Phil Swift, Mylène Hengen, Harriet Boulding, Amiria Salmond, Nathan Hedges. We extend our profound thanks to our HAU-NET partners and sponsors, as well as the people behind the institutions who believed in this project: CNRS (Stéphane Gros and the Centre d'Etudes Hymalayennes), Sydney (Holly High), Manchester (Sarah Green, Jeanette Edwards and Karen Sykes), Amsterdam (Annemarie Mol and Niko Besnier). Great gratitude goes to Alan Macfarlane and the Rivers Video Project for being HAU's first benefactor. Special thanks also to Bo Alkjær, Debbora Battaglia, Louisa Brown, Tony Crook, Carlos Fausto, Jeanne Favret-Saada, Shineen Galloway and the Evans-Pritchard family, Maurice Godelier, Marcio Goldman, Alex Golub, Stephen Gudeman, Keith Hart, Signe Howell, Caroline Humphrey, Wendy James, Alberto Corsín Jiménez, Bruce Kapferer, Nancy Levine, the Library of the London School of Economics, Carole McGranahan, George Mentore, Wang Mingming, Katsuo Nawa, Morten Nielsen, Françoise Pitt-Rivers, Charles Ramble, Joel Robbins, Marshall Sahlins, Andrew Shryock, Marilyn Strathern, Mark Turin, Edith Turner, Eduardo Viveiros de Castro and Roy Wagner. For their support, we would like to thank all of the Members of the Editorial Board, the kind anonymous reviewers, all the authors who contributed to this inaugural issue and Verso Books, for kindly making available free of charge two chapters of the forthcoming translation of Maurice Godelier's Metamorphoses of Kinship. And finally, we extend our gratitude to teachers, mentors and inspirers who supported HAU's vision well before the journal's inception.