Society for Ethnographic Theory

The Society for Ethnographic Theory is a nonprofit organisation, a Company Limited for Guarantee (CLG) incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number 11180976.

Board of Directors of the Society for Ethnographic Theory 

Kriti Kapila, King’s College London (Chair)
John Borneman, Princeton University
Anne-Christine Taylor, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

For queries related to the Society please contact the Directors at board@hausociety.org. For any editorial query please contact the editorial collectives of HAU Journal and HAU Books

Guarantors of the Society for Ethnographic Theory

Susan Blum, University of Notre Dame
Luiz Costa, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro 
Philippe Descola, Collége of France
Robert Foster, University of Rochester
Adam Kuper, London School of Economics
John L. Jackson, Jr., University of Pennsylvania 
Michael Lambek, University of Toronto
Elinor Ochs, University of California, Los Angeles
João de Pina-Cabral, University of Kent