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HAU-N.E.T., Network of Ethnographic Theory, is an international network of research centres and anthropology departments working together to support the journal HAU, along with its two innovative book series, Classics in Ethnographic Theory and Masterclasses.

HAU-N.E.T. offers an alternative to existing subscription models in publishing. It is based on the contention that the best way to support an open-access, non-profit initiative in anthropology is to bypass the logic and institutions of the contemporary publication regime through the establishment of a network of collaborating centres that champion and further a journal and its prospects.

In the same way as the journal Hau takes advantage of the opportunity to bring about changes in academic publishing through its engagement with the digital revolution, HAU-N.E.T seeks to build on ever growing advances in communications technology to help shift how we think about anthropology, and how we conduct it, shaping it as a discipline of global exchange.

The journal marks a break from institutional models of affiliation, existing as a shared enterprise with nodes distributed across universities or research institutions in several different countries. These nodes will participate in the development of the journal through their editorial advice, their suggestions for reprints and translations, their hosting and organising of workshops. Each node of HAU-N.E.T. will select a local representative to be nominated as an Associate Editor who will liaise between the local network and the journal's Editorial Team as initiatives and projects develop.

Proposed HAU-N.E.T. events include academic conferences and workshops based on themes in ethnographic theory, master classes and guest lectures, discussion groups and work-in-progress seminars. Visiting fellowships between member institutions are planned, and the support of member institutions will be sought in applications made for International Collaboration Grants to fund these and other network activities.

Currently, HAU-N.E.T. consists of the following institutions:

Sources of Support

HAU would like to thank the following organizations for their support: