Statement from the Board of Trustees

 To the HAU community,

We wrote yesterday as the newly formed Board of the Society for Ethnographic Theory, created in January 2018.  We are writing again today to say that, like many of you, we have been reading about the disturbing allegations of mistreatment that are said to have occurred in the previous incarnations of the project. Because an internal investigation was carried out by the previous board, we have been making efforts to find out what can and cannot be released from this investigation. In the interest of time, we have therefore decided to write a brief note to convey to the Hau community that we care deeply about work-place mistreatment and hostility and will not tolerate it. Should any member of our scholarly or working community ever feel they are being treated improperly, we ask that you please come to us immediately, and we pledge to be fully responsive and to do all we can to create a supportive environment. The current structure of HAU can be seen in the “About” tab on the journal’s homepage—it involves over 100 people and many institutional collaborations, some of whom have been with HAU for years, others new.  We truly hope that this new incarnation of HAU will be one in which we can all flourish and learn together.


The HAU Board of Trustees