HAU to Launch in Fall

HAU will be launching this Fall. Our fine inaugural issue includes a themed section on Archaeologies of Kin(g)ship, edited by Giovanni da Col (Cambridge) and Stephane Gros (CNRS), and contributions by Marshall Sahlins, David Graeber, Chris Gregory, Roy Wagner, Annemarie Mol, Laura Nader and others. The issue will also present an extraordinary series of inedited, newly translated and reprinted manuscripts by Edmund Leach, Marilyn Strathern, Maurice Godelier, and Julian Pitt-Rivers amongst others.

The inaugural issue shall also announce the foundation of HAU-N.E.T., Network of Ethnographic Theory, an international network of anthropology departments and research institutions supporting the journal and the two affiliated book series: Masterclass and Classics in Ethnographic Theory.

If you are attending the AAA meeting in Montreal stay tuned for an informal HAU gathering on Friday 18th in the evening. Further details to be announced on Facebook and Twitter.

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We are coming soon.