Statement of Hau Board of Trustees June 29th 2018

Over the past weeks, the Board of Trustees has been working hard to address and solve the many issues raised by the allegations made against Hau’s Editor-in-Chief. The pressure we have been under and the amount of work involved in dealing with the many facets of this crisis has led several trustees to resign from the Board. In order to restore public confidence in Hau, the Board of Trustees has decided to suspend Giovanni da Col from his position as Editor-in-Chief and as member of the Board of Trustees. We are also negotiating the terms of his resignation. We will compose a search committee to seek new editors for the journal and the book series in order to assist present editors.
We strongly endorse the move to redress power inequities, bullying and all manner of harassment. We are also committed to due process and the importance of evidence and fairness to accusers and accused. It is chiefly as a result of the previous Executive Committee’s attention to complaints and grievances that Hau was restructured.
Among the measures that we are initiating are:
1 Asking an external professional auditor to review Hau’s financial records, though the previous – and thorough-audit found no evidence of fraud or other financial irregularity;
2 Nominate an interim Editor, both for the Journal and for the Book Series;
3 Looking further into needs for more restructuring and spreading various responsibilities in Hau/SET;
4 We would like to ensure a greater plurality of representation among those who work for Hau.
We also want to mention the fact that we are receiving many positive notes from the anthropology community—notes that underline a great deal of interest in keeping Hau alive. We thank them for their support. We will be in touch shortly with further measures.

Carlos Fausto
Niloofar Haeri
Carlo Severi
Anne Christine Taylor