Call for new editors of HAU journal

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HAU Journal Editorial Collective

The Board of Directors of the Society for Ethnographic Theory calls for applications or nominations to the editorial collective of HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory. Following the resignation of the previous Editor-in-Chief, the Society has determined that the journal will be edited by a collective of 2-5 members who will share the responsibilities for editing and promoting the journal and for producing three issues per year as per our contract with the University of Chicago Press. Members of the editorial collective will guide the direction and promotion of the journal, and conduct or oversee the solicitation, submission, refereeing, and acceptance of manuscripts, all communication with authors, and oversee all stages of the production process.

Membership in the editorial collective is for a 4-year term. Positions will begin as soon as applicants are ready to start but no later than June 2019 and will include a short transition phase for learning the workflow. Members of the editorial collective will be professional academic anthropologists who are committed to the mission of HAU. They will encourage the submission of the best anthropological articles and be proactive in maintaining and increasing the number of contributions to the journal. Editors will follow the bylaws of the Society and work closely with the University of Chicago Press staff to assure timely and efficient publication of the journal. Editors shall maintain and develop HAU’s distinctive features such as the publication of distinguished lectures, debates, colloquia, fora, invited book symposia, translations and reprints and ensure that commentaries are solicited from the widest international range of relevant anthropologists.

We welcome editors located outside the main academic centres. Editors may be located anywhere in the world but must have proficiency in English, the main language of the journal. We are replacing a single editor with an editorial collective, we are therefore looking for people who are cooperative and work well with others.

Access to knowledge:

Free Access and Open global South Access (OSA) programmes

The Society is firmly committed to the idea that access to knowledge and publishing quality must be achieved by mediating gratuity with sustainability. The journal pursues this ideal with two innovative models, where a balance between high publishing standards, knowledge sharing and sustainability is achieved without relying on unpaid labour, famished departmental research budgets and individual membership dues.

Each journal issue will be available to download for free for one month after release and be Green Open Access (in compliance of the UKRI requisites for REF submission). Each issue will include up to 5 Gold Open Access articles, which the Society would like to dedicate to indigenous authors or scholars from the Global South.


A Managing Editor based at the University of Chicago Press will handle all practical aspects of the review process and proofreading of the manuscripts. The Board of Directors will be in charge of all relations with the Press, and the general management of the journal. Members of the editorial collective will each be granted a modest honorarium, calculated according to the final number of members composing the collective, as well an annual travel budget. The journal cannot cover teaching release time for members of the editorial collective nor overhead costs. As the role provides a modest honorarium, candidates holding secure teaching or research positions may be given priority.

Application process

Please submit a letter of application accompanied by a CV and the names and contact information of two academic referees. Joint applications by two candidates are also welcome. In your letter please indicate briefly your editorial experience (including edited journal special issues), your vision for HAU, and your availability for carrying out this time-consuming but rewarding work. HAU is strongly committed to being inclusive and reflecting the diversity of anthropology as discipline and especially welcomes applications from people working in the Global South, Indigenous People, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ persons, and others who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas. Applications or requests for further details should be sent to the Chair of the Editorial Search Committee Michael Lambek at lambek@utsc.utoronto.ca, ideally by January 15, 2019.

The positions will remain open until they are fully filled.