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HAU Books is the book publishing wing of the Society for Ethnographic Theory, a learned society that also publishes the quarterly journal: HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory. With five interrelated book series, HAU Books is committed to publishing the most distinguished texts in classics and advanced anthropological theory and releases its titles digitally as Open Access and also in hard copy editions, printed and distributed by the University of Chicago Press. HAU Books catalogues includes 36 titles, with classics like Marcel Mauss’s The Gift, Emile Benveniste’s Dictionary of Indo-European Concepts and Society, Jeanne Favret-Saada’s The Anti-Witch, Ernesto de Martino’s Magic: a Theory from the South been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bookforum, Times Literary Supplement, and the London Review of Books and the most prominent disciplinary journals. HAU Books titles are due to appear in Mandarin, Italian, French, and Japanese, reaching well beyond disciplinary boundaries and capturing the attention of thinkers such as Judith Butler and Giorgio Agamben.

The Board of Directors of the Society for Ethnographic Theory calls for applications or nominations to the editorial collective of HAU Books. The Society has determined that the HAU Books will be edited by a collective of 2-5 members who will share the responsibilities for editing and promoting the book series. Members of the editorial collective will guide the direction and promotion of the book series, and conduct or oversee the solicitation, submission, refereeing, and acceptance of manuscripts, all communication with authors, and oversee all stages of the production process.

Membership in the editorial collective is for a 4-year term. Positions will begin as soon as applicants are ready to start but no later than June 2019 and will include a short transition phase for learning the workflow. Members of the editorial collective will be professional academic anthropologists who are committed to the mission of HAU. They will encourage the submission of the best anthropological monographs and be proactive in maintaining and increasing the number of contributions to the journal. Editors will follow the bylaws of the Society and work closely with the Society’s staff and the marketing department at the University of Chicago Press. Editors shall maintain and develop HAU Books distinctive features

We welcome editors located outside the main academic centres. Editors may be located anywhere in the world but must have proficiency in English. We are replacing a single editor with an editorial collective, we are therefore looking for people who are cooperative and work well with others.

Open Access

HAU Books is a uniquely placed Open Access series in anthropology. HAU Books wants to ensure that anthropologists precious ethnographic findings can return to the communities studied by the scientists in free and shareable form. HAU Books pursues the ideal of free knowledge through a balance between high publishing standards, knowledge sharing and sustainability, achieved without relying on unpaid labour, famished departmental research budgets and individual membership dues. Starting 2018, HAU Books is represented by Knowledge Unlatched (knowledgeunlatched.org). HAU Books is not an orthodox press; it has developed an innovative approach to its Open Access book program and ensures its sustainability through the funding support of libraries worldwide via its partnership with Knowledge Unlatched. Thanks to this model, prospective authors may publish their titles Open Access and bear no author-facing costs for themselves or their institutions.


A Managing Editor will assist the work of the editorial collective. The Board of Directors will be in charge of all relations with the marketing department at the University of Chicago Press. Members of the editorial collective will be paid a competitive fee for each edited title, as well an annual travel budget. The Society cannot cover teaching release time for members of the editorial collective nor overhead costs. As the role provides only a fee for each edited title, candidates holding secure teaching or research positions may be given priority.

Application process

Please submit a letter of application accompanied by a CV and the names and contact information of two academic referees. Joint applications by two candidates are also welcome. In your letter please indicate briefly your editorial experience (including authored monographs, edited collections and special issues), your vision for HAU Books, and your availability for carrying out this time-consuming but rewarding work. HAU Books is strongly committed to being inclusive and reflecting the diversity of anthropology as discipline and especially welcomes applications from people working in the Global South, Indigenous People, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ persons, and others who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas. Applications or requests for further details should be sent to the Chair of HAU Books Editorial Search Committee Michael Lambek at lambek@utsc.utoronto.ca, ideally by January 15, 2019.


The positions will remain open until they are fully filled.