CFP: HAU Special Section, Anthropologists as Artists, Deadline 30 June 2020


Anthropologists have long had other creative talents and pursuits - as painters, illustrators, photographers, curators, sculptors, designers, novelists, poets, scriptwriters, performers, theatre and film practitioners, among several other roles. However, apart from in visual and sensory anthropology, they have not concertedly come centre stage as part of ethnographic practice. HAU invites proposals for contributions to a special section of the journal, which will be jointly coordinated by Mariane C. Ferme and Lydia Nakashima Degarrod, addressing the role of the arts --visual, sound, and performative--and their challenges for anthropologists who are actively incorporating artistic practices in the conception, creation, and transmission/presentation of ethnographic work. By focusing on the perspective of anthropologists who incorporate these practices in their work, this issue aims at expanding the conversations about the cross-overs, fertilizations, parallels and affinities of anthropology and contemporary art, however it is defined and pursued (see Becker 1982, Schneider 2008, Schneider and Wright 2005 and 2013, Pink 2013, Kaur and Dave-Mukherji 2014, Sansi 2014, Sansi and Strathern 2015, Cox et al. 2016, Cox and Wright 2020).  

Suggested themes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The role of artistic practice in collaborative anthropological work
  • Artistic practices and their input in the conceptualization of anthropological research
  • Audiences created by the inclusion of artistic practice
  • Ethnographic works as forms of art, and their reception by different audiences
  • Artmaking as sensory-ethnographic method
  • Arts and public anthropology
  • Artistic practice as innovative ethnographic methodology
  • Visualising ethnographic theory and/or method
  • From the academy to the gallery or stage

Proposals should be submitted by 30th June 2020.

To inquire or submit a proposal, please contact the special section coordinators:

Lydia Degarrod ldegarrod@cca.edu

Mariane C. Ferme mcf@berkeley.edu

The call for proposals can be found here