Meeting grounds: Art and anthropology in the Everglades

Carol Hendrickson


  • This article considers issues raised while working at the intersection of anthropology and visual art in Everglades National Park and during the months that followed. Based on a May 2019 residency as an AIRIE (Artist in Residence in Everglades) fellow, the material expression of my efforts consists of volumes of visual fieldnotes and what I call anthro-artists’ books. For this article I take an intimate route, one that foregrounds the experience of being in a place and attempting work at disciplinary intersections. Set against a backdrop of theoretical issues in both anthropology and art as well as overarching social, cultural, ecological, and political concerns of the region, the resulting journals and handmade books are meant to create an emotional, emplaced, and bodily experience for the people who engage with them.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1086/718320