Proposals for Malinowski Monographs

HAU Books is delighted to launch its third international competition for manuscript proposals for new, state-of-the-art short monographs in anthropology. Proposals selected for publication will be published open access in the Malinowski Monographs series, on HAU Books’ website in addition to being printed and distributed in hard copy via the University of Chicago Press. The Malinowski Monographs is one of the last anthropology series in Europe publishing titles in paperback only.

In tribute to the foundational, yet productively contentious, nature of the ethnographic imagination in anthropology, this series honors the creator of the term “ethnographic theory” himself. Monographs included in this series represent unique contributions to anthropology and showcase groundbreaking work that contributes to the emergence of new ethnographically-inspired theories or challenge the way the “ethnographic” is conceived today.

Manuscript proposals may be submitted for short monographs (30,000–50,000 words) aimed to develop key concepts or themes of increased relevance (borders, voice, fitness, mistrust, gambling, nonreligion, sincerity, boredom, friendship, anonymity, inequality, austerity) or critique classic categories of anthropological theory (magic, gifts, money, imagination, bureaucracy, play, belief, ethnography).

Manuscript proposals should include:
  • Author’s name, email, affiliation, and a short biography.
  • A description of the manuscript (1000 words in length), including a working title, proposed aims and scope, and estimated total word count.
  • A description of the work’s potential audience and market niche.
Proposals should be as precise as possible, and should meet the following criteria:
  • Short-listed authors must ensure that full-length manuscripts will be delivered on schedule (July 2018 or earlier), will accord to HAU’s style-guidelines, and will be blinded for further review.
  • Proposals should contain clear evidence that the resulting monograph, if selected, will be authoritative and will meet the highest academic standards.
  • Proposals or manuscripts should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • Works of fiction, guest-edited volumes, and unsolicited full-length manuscripts will not be considered.

On the basis of the manuscript proposals received, the Editorial Board of HAU Books will select a shortlist for further consideration, and will notify authors to submit a full manuscript for review. Final reports will be evaluated by the Editor and selected members of the Editorial Board and monographs will then be nominated for publication.

Proposals should be submitted by 30 November 2017

Complete manuscripts will be required by 31 July 2018

Please submit proposals to Katharine Herman, Managing Editor at kherman@haujournal.org. For further details on the book series please contact the Editor at giovannidacol@haujournal.org

PDF of Call for Proposals available here: